Do you remember?(M.j)

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

For Michael Jacksoon=)
May He R.I.P

Do you remember?
when we fell inlove
and i found myself on the end of your steps
When i was at your 7th floor just yesterday

Did i say yesterday?
Meant last year
Seemed like i just saw how u smile
When i said yes

And when i forgave you
The first ever time you hurt me
I saw that guilt
And i knew you were hurting

Do you remember how it felt?
Now put me in your shoes...

Its like you left me near the rain
Were we loved in the waves
And now the sun cant go down
My lamps already gone out

Fish me a pair of my glasses
Let me go through these dairies
In my heart
All for my Past and still present love