Fara5*Empty-In Arabic*

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

That devilish smile
Can be permanent
On my pretty face
but all i hear is blabla 

That mean-like look
Across that forehead
Plastered with no force
But do i care?

Booze smells bad
Smoking.. I hate ashtrays
Chocolates are fatty carbs
Fake gold makes my eyes frown
Stop looking like a clown

I want you out my door
Boy,do i want you out that door
Nobody calls me a female dog
but me!(SHOUTS)
Now go slam the door on your way out

**Havent choose a category or title,for the JOB contest-You have to guess my idle Job*.* 
After Job contest judged ill write it down;) So come back in a month or a few weeks **