under the pine at 3am in the fog

Written by: Andrew Gallagher

a poem based on-
on the -
the frame of talking
when you’re talking to a group
and you don’t wanna you don’t wanna 
pinpoint anybody out so you say something like
ok, so kyle will be the frontman
and paul will be the bassline and frank will be the one -
who is the spy.
that sort of thing.
but make a poem like that 
like transition from that commanding type of thing where ok – you!

you’re gonna go this way
(no no
you –
because I always do
I don’t care about
the thing.
whatareyou talkingabout!
I don’t care about
that’s bullcrap
I just wanna 
do because I wanna and what 
I do then I do something like this:

I change the tone into
you’re confessional 
or into the poem-type structure
of how you wish you could have said it 
but you couldn’t actually speak it out