The Beast

Written by: Steve Malebranche

I will never forget that night
It still haunts me in my dreams 
I havent slept in weeks
It happened yesterday I think,
At least that’s what it seems
I jumped out my bed 
When I started to hear the noise
I tried to fight it but it was too strong
Then it took a hold of me 
I wrestled free
I ran through the darkness 
Of the house I thought was oh so safe
I ran and ran trying to find my sanctuary
I opened one door, it wasn’t it
I opened the second door, it wasn’t it
The pain got stronger,
It took a hold of me once again
The more I tried to move, 
The more it would hurt
I fell to the ground, cringing
I tried to scream but it was to no avail
No one can save me, 
Its something I have to do
I got back up and heard another sound
But no one was there, I then heard it again
It was very low but then another a little louder
But with each sound a wrenching stench appeared
Whatever this thing was, it wreaked 
I finally found what I was looking for
My white sanctuary, my white savior,
Only this can combat the foul beast
It was a trap that no one can escape from
It caught me right when I reached my destination
I fought valiantly and with one final scream
I was able to vanquish the beast.
My mother awoken by my screams of pain
Came running and looked upon my sweaty face
She said, everything is ok, you will be alright
But maybe now you will listen to me when 
I say to not eat Taco Bell so late at night
Now make sure you flush the toilet
And spray because the halls stink. 
Thank you my savior, may we never have to meet again.