Left Behind

Written by: Conor Jordan

- It Would Be Easier 
                       If There was a Bridge -

Never Would He have Viewed Distance
As Such A Harsh Mediator of Time.

The Days Used To Follow a Steady Rhythm,
But The Beat Had Dulled To a Hollow Thump.

                - What's She Doing Right Now? -

He'd Distract himself with Mediocre Mindset
Procrastinations, But Every Time She'd Come Back.

Always At The Conscious Forefront of His Brain,
Draining it Like a Cancerous Lobotomy.

                - Why Hasn't She Called? -

Seconds Elapsed in Centuries and the Days Dragged 
On Into an Extended Period of Night.

No Matter How Loud You Play The Music, It Won't
Ever Vibrate Louder Than Your Thoughts.

                - Time Collapses -

Stuck Between his Thoughts and Connecting Every
Event To Her Outline So Vividly, He Breaks.

Sometimes He'll Drive For No Reason, With The Moon
As His Guide, But in His Head. 

- In His Head, 
                It's Forever Sunset. -

~ For My Friends SH and KST