The Empty Nest

Written by: Krista Kurth

Strips of filmy white hanging
From the crook of a limb
Catch the eye
At first mistaken for
The milky web 
Of a tent worm

Closer inspection 
Of bended bough
Reveals a small
Round empty nest
Woven out of sticks 
And strips of plastic
Dangling down 

Initially delighted and awed
By the inventiveness 
Of nature’s winged wonders
To build a home for their young 
From any and all accessible
Material on hand

Then shocked - 
As realization sets in - 
By the insidious 
Pervasiveness of 
Perpetual polymer 
In the natural world

Left wondering 
If the empty 
Plastic nest
Portends a deeper
Persistent loss
Yet to come.