The Wall

Written by: Karla Null

So many years living within, the "shelter" a self imposed safe place.
My dreams, my aspirations, on the outside just beyond my grasp.
Trying so hard to honor expectations. Living while internally dying...

                                     I built a wall

I couldn't understand my unhappiness, on the outside I wore a smile.
Discontent became the shadow that covered each step I made.
I didn't recognize this person, revaluation came with understanding...

                                 A crack in the wall

The change came slowly because I just didn't realize that,
everything I thought I needed, was killing me inside.
A meltdown left me shaken. I prayed to God for inner strength...

                          The wall began to crumble

The pride that had sustained me, I had to throw out the door.
The years of doubt and indecision have been replaced by free will.
A door has been opened and on the other side I find, myself...

                            The wall is coming down