Shadows of doubt

Written by: Cody Turner

True beauty lies beneath the skin
From every each way beauty flows within
Like a river with strong currents it flows
Disguised by the outside no one really knows 
A certain glance or a polite gesture
Sparks this beauty with expectancies of extreme pleasure
The true beauty within tries to force itself out
But it is compressed back down with shadows of doubt
Low self esteem and Non existent confidence
Keeps this beauty from seeing the world, one cannot convince
Until there desire of love has finally been fulfilled 
The true beauty that one possesses seems to be surreal  
Laying it in the dark, in the dark and foggy mist
In the world alone and love in wanting
Waiting underneath layers waiting for a special kiss
With this special kiss, ones true self can emerge
Erasing all the years of suppression and all one has suffered
Together at last true beauty flows out
With a kiss from a special someone
She’s in love 
Without a shadow of a doubt