Written by: Bruno Simmons

 When the light of liberty is 
taken from me, my soul is 
veiled, I can't feel or see.

When the waters of the sea
are a dream to me, daily I 
become lost, numb to feeling.

When all I have are memories
that invade constantly. How 
much longer to end my lonely 

As the years progress in this 
drab place. Tears fall familiar
on my face.

Through the bars and wire
I see a world of beauty. I
Wait for the day to become free.

Free to soar and indulge in all taken 
for granted; a kiss, the ocean, the
love of my family.

For now still tears fall familiar on my 
face. With my liberty comes smiles;
my fettered nightmare erased.

Daily I come closer to becoming
unencumbered. I await a free world,
all it’s peach and wonder.