Revenge is Sweet

Written by: Kirsty Prophet

I can't describe the way i feel;
my goodness is this for real?
Have you seen what I've just done?
please! oh please! don't tell no-one.

It started when i hit the ground,
my head was spinning round and round.
I saw his shadow in the light,
and "boom" i went like dynamite.

I ran and ran
as fast as i can.
Towards the strange,
unsightly man.

He didn't move,
he stood there strong.
As if in shock of,
what's going on.

A fatal blow,
a mighty kick.
To look at him,
it made me sick!!

For what he did
i'm sure he'll pay!!
For taking part 
of my life away!!

Hurt him i will,
may cause a crime.
But in the long run,
It's worth the time.

"Lost loved ones when 
it was someone else who 
took them from you?"

" Don't embark in violence 
and don't suffer in silence!!"