A True Friend

Written by: Kirsty Prophet

Do you ever stop to realize,
how fast life is passing by?
And how one day unexpectedly,
you'll be up there in the sky.

Do you ever stop to notice,
your friends around you here?
That one day they will lose you,
it could even be this year.

Do you ever stop to listen,
to your friends that really care?
Because one day when you lose them,
you'll wish that they were there.

Do you ever stop to think,
of the years that lie ahead?
Don't sit around or waste around,
by lying in your bed.

Do you ever stop to look,
at the future that you bear?
Don't let go of this freind,
who you know is always there.

And as the end gets closer,
you'll know your truest friend.
Because he/she will be there for you,
until The Very End.

keep your friends close.... show them you really care!!