Sometimes I DREAM

Written by: Tumelo Mogotsi

sometimes i dream 
of things that seem unnessesary
things i wish i had
and my heart pains at the joy i think..
i will posses if i acquire these
my mentality blinding that which i can really see
and my stubborn mind refusing to believe it
my purpose is fuelled by hope
the undying passion i have to succed
and the hunger to make my point clear
my hope
i cannae give in
for this is my LIFE
my reason for existence
the centre of what i am
i  refuse to believe i am free
for i AM trapped by who i am
enclosed by who i want to be
but not even free to become that
i refuse to say i am lucky
for i AM blessed
i disagree with those who shout i am lazy
for i have worked hard
i willnot recognize the  existence of my family for i cleary have none
my tears of sorrow
mean NOTHING to them
my endeavor
is just a tale told by all idiots such as i
they fit in,where they benefit
i shallnot say..i am perfect
or my life is, its not
i willnot fool myself to think..
i have friends i have mere acquantances
i cannot ignore the fact that i HAVE cried..
for i have tasted my own tears
i have felt pain
for my heart has ached
but BEST of all, i have laughed
i know the pleasure of joy
the fond presence of pride has accompanied me..
all my life
but the misery of life
and its challenges has always overshadowed it
i have learnt not to let pain rule my life
society might not care
i do....