Embedded Ivory

Written by: Conor Jordan

-Listen To Those Keys of Ivory Boy,
                          They'll Help You To Forget -

Everyday Was Pain, Red Sashes Across The
Hands and Wrists. Face Red with Anxiety.

                                      - Never Miss a Note -

The Cane Bore Down With Such Velocity,
That The Crack Matched the Entailing Scream.

                     - Hours of Endless Practice... -
                                             - Its For You Papa... -

The Notes Struck with Such Precision, Accuracy
And Intimacy, That the Boys Tears Spattered the White.

                                        - Silence -

His Father Frozen to The Floor, No Expression,
No Sound... "Go To Your Room Son"

                                         - Bare Feet Against Wood -

There Would be No Screams That Night,
No Red Marks to Hide From The World.

                                         - Just Rest -

Crying, He Soaked His Pillow as He Smiled and 
Closed His Eyes.

                                         - His Father Sat at The Piano... -

                             - His Fingers Laced With The Tears of a Prodigy -