Written by: JW Fellers

He rode in from Texas, calmly chewing a piece of straw. Folks rumored him a Ranger, some sorta man of Law. An expressionless face, eyes close 'n stern. Long barreled pistol, well kept 'n tied down firm. It was the thirtieth of October, I remember it well. Sit back 'n relax, I'll narrate the Stranger's tale. Beer 'n whiskey shots, made the Stranger's tongue loose. Tugs at his scarf, revealed scars from a noose. Said he'd come to Denver, to escape the prairie fires. Recipients of his story, placed him amongst certain liars. Utterances of bright lights, in a calm night watch dream. Stampeded cattle, loud voices 'n a haunting scream. Empty hollow eyes, like death the Stranger was cold. The annual midnight curse, is what the Ranger told. Awoke in the saddle, by a Dark Angel of certain death. Calm night air stirred, vapors rise from cattle's breath. Focus controlled visions of the chilled dark night. Squinted images appear from his questioned sight. At one stroke past midnight, the curse we all had seen. The Stranger changed to a man of straw, twas now Halloween! By Jim "Ish" Fellers Copyright © : August 31st, 2003 ~ Sunday