My Libran Love

Written by: Emmanuel Paul

The Archer’s arrows find their aim again,
And mocks the sting the Scorpion left behind!
That stubborn Goat will keep the season's pain;
And introduce new hopes by dead ones signed.

The waterworks will follow Man and Fish,
The Ram might butt but rarely is in doubt,
The Bull will use his head and never miss,
The chance to have a needed eating bout.

The heavenly Twins will have to take their flight,
From cautious Crabs resting in the sea,
But such a thought would never light 
Upon the Lion full of courage and esprit.

And when, through the Maiden pure, the year now pales;
The slow descent of an unwelcomed curtain,
I’ll rejoice and love the balanced Scales;
Her beauty and her fairness that is certain.