There Once Was A Girl...

Written by: Steve Michael

There once was a girl, who stood right before me, 19 years old and in all of her glory.

She had curly red hair, and emerald green eyes, but with just one look, you see contempt in 

Her name is Melissa and through the years, I've missed ya.

Oh how I wish you could see, the torch I carry for you inside of me.

The torch will forever burn, and I'll patiently wait for my turn...

Knowing you have a family of four, just makes me want you more.

Now, I see a young woman, age 23, and she no longer knows the man that was once inside 
of me.

Melissa, Melissa, I want to hug and kiss ya..

At age 34, to you, I'm a bore...

And while I know we'll always be apart, please know, that through it all, you still have my