The mix

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Dark skin complex
well define features - 
beauty shines through so well define skin
like sparkles in a mixture.

Very thick lips
like swallow me with a single kiss;
I'm cupid's target
and please don't miss.

That's the beauty
of not only blacks, 
but browns and mix.

Like colorful drinks
please give me a fix
of beauty potion
in fact give me about six.

It tastes so good
like kids love the Trix,
and smarty pants 
are stock in the matrix.
Sorry for the sarcasm.
married couples -   multiracial 
is like the new fashion. 

Black grandfather 
and white grandmother.

White father
and brown mother.

White younger brother
and brown older brother.

I'm not Caucasian  nor African American
but more like Spanish or other.

nappy curly hair 
some just call me a light-skin brother.

I'm stock in the mix  
but lets all love one another.