The Harvest Song

Written by: Deirdre Omaidin

I wrote my poem last night for Brian Strand's competition a hymn of praise for Harvest and 
just saw today that I got the date wrong and that it is already judged.  Anyway now that I 
have written it , here it goes:

Let us sing a sweet song, a song that's of praise
For our crops to be ripened and harvesting days

For the fruits of the soil, for barley and wheat
Maize, oats and corn, that our children will eat

For the evening sun on the newly mown hay
For the farmer still working in the dusk of the day

For the apples and pears still ripe on the trees
For the fill of the honey pot, the toil of the bees

Blackberry picking, will uplift our song
Tasting juices of autumn we'll all sing along

Let us sing at crescendo for the fruits of the vine
The lush of the grapes, the full bodied wine

When the harvest is done, our glasses we'll raise
And thank mother earth who deserves so much praise.