Evil I Am

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

'Tis the dark of night
Time for Evil to ignite.
Time to make him pay
For that fateful day.

The day he first hit
Like I was some twit
And left me to bleed
And made me plead.

For his mercy I had to beg
But instead got a broke leg.
For imagined sins and lies
I ended up with black eyes.

In this wee night hour
I call an ancient power.
One that will make quell
And put him in Hell.

I cast with all my might
To have him gone from sight.
To have him hurt and see
What it is like to be me.

He is now in jail
With no bond or bail.
That is his own Hell
So works my spell.

There is always a price to pay
For this is all I have to say.
Be warned and pay heed
Upon me commit no evil deed.

For Evil I surely am.
I am no longer a lamb.
Remember Evil is my name.
Cross me you will not be the same.