A Remorseful Queen

Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

Blessed is the lamb led to the slaughter
      -Eager smiles, cold visage
      -I give truth to your mirage
      -You have a golden ticket
      -You have a chance to make your way
      -A windowless room, I leave you there to pray
Worker ant is disposable
      -The doors are fastened shut 
      -A lock you'll never cut
      -The queen reeks of profit margins
      -The triangle is ablaze
      -Your endless numbered days
Surrender your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
      -Give me your tired
      -Perishable by fire
      -Illiterates can’t read the fine print   
      -Give me your poor
      -too dead to keep score

And I will pretend
The queen who is my friend
Had no idea why the front doors were locked
And the room had no windows

And I will defend
To uncertain ends
There but for the grace of God goes Me
In empathy for the worker, and the queen