My Mum Is Me

Written by: Jo Hayton

Maybe I am wishing for it
Maybe I want for your likeness
You bore me
And somehow
The loss in me responds
Today I laid in bed
Wide awake
Just thinking
Wide eyed
You used to do that
When I entered your room
You would be lost in your thoughts
Somehow happy
Then see me
And smile
Say you were getting up soon
I wondered what
You could be thinking
All that your life had brought
I never gave it 
A thought
Until now
Because I do
The same
As you
I watch my body
Rise from my bed
My legs like yours
My arms like yours
My fragility like yours
Attend to my family
Putting my thoughts
To bed
Until tomorrow morning
When in those few seconds
Before my daughter wakes me
I am close to you
My Mum Is Me...