hear with out u

Written by: connie carrasco

walking home alone thinking back to the dayz when u used to walk me home wishing it could 
be like that again wondering wat did i do wrong that u had to leave like this idk but i 
remember ur the one who said i loved u first now im wondering if u still do i now ill give the 
world 4 u even after the pain u cased me im still wayting and wishing u can hold me in ur 
arms like u used to do u no wats weard i thought u were my hole life we were best freinds 
also lovers but now all i got is a broken heart ur not even hear to heal it like u said u always 
said u would never be the one to hurt me or even let anyone hurt me now im crying hurting 
more than ever wishing u were hear healing my pain but i quess thats not going to happen it 
dosent matter how much i pray-gigglez