Freedom of speech

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

The government make traps
to loose your head like bottle caps
so fast-
like Jamaican girls running them tracks 

spreading fear
like Hitler designing  battle maps
with heavy gears;
slavering the people and the head of state says - cheers 

Let's solve our differences with cocktails 
and a few beers. 
Let us all cut the rat-tail;
deceiving citizens with false tales 

oh my!!
how couldn't we tell!!

Unto us a leader 
from nowhere rose up
with the Friday night fever
striking out and making hits like - Derick jitter

Looking good in the outside,
but the inside we still don't know.
Fellow man step to the side,
here it comes a hero

For the white, negro and Latino
saying all kind of stuff like
I'm with you amigo;
my destino is contigo

Be my guess - for more than less;
this is a new world mess
like saying the Islam
is a religion of commitment, justice and progress-
no offense

But don't forget about 9/11
all the dead in peace shall rest;
sisters and brothers that in Allah's name
were not bless

No longer freedom of speech- 
blocking all the media and press  
oh yes!!!
don't be impress

When they throw you in a prison for unreasonable treason 
like animals in a cage; 
killing you and making you disappear
like the federal case

Of 9.7 trillions disappearing into a black-hole;
right in front of our face
a new holocaust is on 
let's all not be amaze

When the Marshall law is on
singing like Marvin Gaye 
lets get it on......
 all the way from California to Tampa Bay.