We Will Remember

Written by: Dawn Quering

        Today is your day, we wont forget 
No matter how much we hate to think of it
        Its your memorial, and we will always remember
It was the 11Th of September
        I hope you smile, while looking down on us prey
Because its all about you today
        The songs we will play for you
The moment of silence too
        The tears that will fall
As we stand 10 feet tall
        We know your listening, as we try to hear you
As your peaceful footsteps guide us through
        So we will appreciate the rest of your day 
Since you were all so carelessly taken away
        Yet, your all angles now
Floating in and out of the clouds

        So please, no matter what your religion or beliefs 
Close your eyes one time today and say a prayer for those in heaven 
        Then do it again, 
Just one more time for 9/11. 
                                             A POEM BY 
                                           Dawn M. Quering     
                                          Written 09/11/02