Written by: Dawn Quering


By dquering

Am I looking to hard
To see whats in front of me
Life is so scarred
With too many penalties
Please give me enough strength to swim
Though I want drown
See the goddess within
Screaming so loud
I deserve better
In fact, the best
My thoughts in black and white
Never lay to rest
In my head, it is constant
War, battle,fight
I hate to think of it
With no resolution in sight
Maybe I deserve this
Maybe I did something wrong
This feeling I can't dismiss
Of being dragged along
Why am I here?
Better yet, why are you?
This nonsense,I can't steer
And no longer choose to
You choose your fate
as I choose mine
In this misery,I can no longer wait
You are all out of time
You will not bring me down
Not to your level
I stand on strong,loving,compassionate ground
I am God, and you, Devil