When a loved one dies

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

The grieving process have just begun,
My heart is filled with pain.
The sorrow, and lost is hard to bear,
Reality kicks in, in life the fact remain.

Death is a part of life though hard it may seem,
The natural mind cannot conceive, or believe.
The truth is, when a loved one is taken away,
It’s not a choice; we’ll all walk that road one day. 

Don’t get mad at God and the decision he make,
Accept his wise wisdom and the choices take,
He knows the future; he still rules the world,
Later in life his reasons will unfold.

When a loved one dies it can be sad,
Sadness one can’t describe, 
The thought of good times, laughter, and pain,
No answer in the room when you call their name.

A husband, father, brother, uncle the lot,
Three score and ten is the life’s span we’ve got.
By reason of strength, he passed four score and all,
How’s that for a life worth living, believe it or not. 

Sleep on, Uncle Willie, and take your rest
We love you lots but God loves you best,
Life’s journey has ended, pain and sorrow cease,
You’re now safe in God’s arms, resting in peace.