Written by: chris kane jr.

--This house is for rent, is your heart for sale?
--Anything to stay off the street for a night.
--The fractured neon told me you that you had some space
I see there is none, but can I travel there?
--We have pills for the quakes, tranqs for the shakes,
Just inhale, cry, and repeat.
--Room for improvement is motivation for life
But what happens after the walls are painted and the room is furnished?
--There is nothing on this lot where the Jensens used to live
But that fawn has no other home-it should be called a “little” instead.
--This bus has seats to hold you if you can stand the stench
It’s the smell of justice and fairness and tax dollars at work.
--We have openings for this post at this desk
But you are much too pale, too male, too learned, too young
Qualifications are not met by any of the above.
--Heaven is open for business so I’ve heard
But I still haven’t found the VIP entrance, have you?
--My head is a barrow, my heart is a dungeon, my conscience is an abyss
But I’ll stay afloat in my vodka reservoir, smoking pipe dreams awhile.
--There is nothing to see in those eyes of yours, my friend
But will you stand by soullessly as the world’s destroyed by its creations?
--This stall is available, but enter at your own risk
This door leads to nowhere and there’s other no way out…
--My arms are vacant and my existence is empty
The sheets are shallow; will you, just once, dive?