Heroes and heroines

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

The character of a hero is one to covet
Through hard work, and exceptional courage
A man of distinction you cannot miss.
Noble full of strength to achieve his goal
Doing all possible according to his ability
One aim, one plan.

Alexander Graham bell and Winston Church hill
Both have a story to tell. Great success, creative ability
To add services to this age. Heroes in their own rights
That left leopard spots in our mind. Beat tough challenges,
Contributed greatly to science, none other this world would
Ever find.

 The same can be said for a heroine, a woman admired
For her courage to achieve outstanding results. A woman 
Of worth, a gift to mankind, a god sent from birth.
Heroines who will never give up, but press their way thru
Life to succeed.  Helen Keller, Madam CJ Walker. One an
Offspring of a slave. The other her all she gave, disabled
And had nothing to crave.

Heroes and heroines, novelist actors and actresses, RAF pilots
Must be honoured  in the very same way. But come to think of 
All that has said and done. My greatest hero and heroine are my
Dad and mom.