The Tongue

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

The tongue was not design to sit in the mouth,
Niether to consume delicious foods alone.
The words that we speak has power with every breath,
That gives life, spreads joy, and even causes death.

The ramification of this revelation boggles the mind,
That the spoken words have a lodging place to find. 
Every wild beast can be tamed by mankind
But the tongue can speak words that are very unkind.

The tongue plays an important part right from the start,
To speak words fluently at work, and at play,
But the words that we speak whether idle, or evil
We will surely give an account for one day.

The tongue is a controlling member that can go on and on
That gets us in trouble if left alone to ramble.
Because of its peril to corrupt, it’s dangerous, and dominates
And must be stopped don’t take that gamble.

The tongue though so small, sets the course for our life
To be or not to be a man, or woman of worth.
Speak your future into being while on planet earth.
That will set the course for your life destine from birth.

We can’t tame the tongue no matter how hard we try.
Not in our strength alone. James taught that our speech
Should be wholesome and pure. God’s grace and power 
Will enable us to speak positive words for evermore.