i'll never

Written by: fawn cardiff

My heart weighs heavy with out you here. I try to hide it, but pain is all I 
feel, and the loneliness breaks in. With every tear I'm so alone with out
you here. I wish this pain I didn't have to feel. My heart will never heal, 
cause my life they had to steal. All the happiness I use to feel they 
robbed from me. They stole my life, then laughed at me. They took my 
dreams and threw them away. Everyday I feel more of you slip away.
I'll never get back the life they took away. I'll never have your smile to 
bring me cheer. I'll never have your laughter to hear, never have you right 
here, never gaze upon your beautiful face, never hold your hand as we 
walk some place, never hold you in my arms, kiss your tears away. Never
watch you sit an play. Never smile when I see you run up and say mom I 
love you, I missed you so much while I was at school today. Never listen 
to you sing and play. Never listen to every word you say. Never watch you 
grow up and move away. Never sing with you like we did that day. Never
watch you dance while the music played. Never watch you sleep while 
you dream away.