Written by: Sag Capone

I can’t imagine how it would feel just to sit back and hold you
So I can prove that it’s all true, every single word I've told you.

I never thought I would find such a sweet wholesome girl,
But now I know you’re there and you deserve to have the world.

Your beautiful shining face has been known to make my heart race, 
And disappear without a trace, into my thoughts where were alone in the same place.

This is all complete honesty, why I said it all, I don’t know,
You’re gonna be one of those girls that I can never let go.

Maybe in the future both of us can find happiness,
And I'll show you what its like to find love with just one kiss.

I guess for now that is all I have to say,
I promise I'll tell you the rest when were together someday.