Goodbye (another you've seen lainie)

Written by: Sag Capone

At times I find myself lost and trapped within a daze,  confused, stuck, and idly 
consumed in lost days.  

Dwelling on the past while sitting idly gasped, peering around I'm blinded but 
can hear the masses laugh.   

So I smile to myself, take a breath, and exhale, my vision becomes more clear 
and my heart less frail.

I'm on a mission to succeed, who knows where I'll be, but I swear I'll  scale this 
whole mountain inevitably. 

There will be no more closing my eyes and dreaming of you,  I'm sick to my 
stomach already queasy from the view.  

Goodbye to the love we made and the promises you broke,  goodbye to the ones 
I returned which I now revoke. 

Goodbye to that person i though that I knew,  goodbye to that person that I 
thought was you.