A Mind's Treasure

Written by: Blythe Journey

Treasures and little 
Trinkets in my mind
I hoard and save them
As maybe a retirement gift
From me to me
Moments stolen for
A passionate kiss
A tearful bellyache laugh
A true embrace
A moment of regret
That I could  
never take back
Because perfect isn't
At all memorable
And memories will
Be our only treasures 
One old aged day
And I want to be rich
Filthy rich of moments
I can't forget
Moments that make
My mind remember
How to smile when
My heart may not
Remember how to 
Beat perfectly and
My body forgets health
The amnesic corners 
Of my mouth will
Involuntarily smile as
It reminisces your kiss
And the way my young
Legs quivered at your mercy