Let Us All Save The Broken Wings

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

I laughed as my dad almost slipped
Off the steep slope
And he got up pissed

"Old men cant climb"
My brother said
As he passed by dad
While the old man went red

I,trying to keep in shape
Drops of sweat running down my chest
"At least im no size 12"
A sarcastic old man said during a rest

I narrowed my eyes
And started to climb faster
And all in all my fat was burned
And the hill was what i mastered

By nightfall i seeked for branches
And fallen woods froom trees
But what i found curled in a nest
Was none other than a broken winged bumble bee

A small little black and yellow thing
still buzzing with no energy to it left
I picked it up with fear
But the thing was no pest

I walked around to find tents
And somehow I lost my way 
below the now appearing moon
And a coyote suddenly shows  before the end of day

I stay still
Hoping no screams will let it go away
And although it began to come closer
With the bee is where i stayed

When the coyote started to dance around
I was not sure what was it i see
but i looked down at my palms
I saw no bee

The bee flunged around
Like a drunk neighbour on halloween
And the coyote runaway
Along with the bee

Although ive never in my life so the broken winged bee again
I thank it

(I was alway afraid of bees .Never liked them.If a bee appeared in my face i ran like a 
loony.What made me to pick up that obiviously living bee i dont know.But since them ive 
been quite fund of them,never afraid again.I also grow a garden to welcome them in with my 
sunflowers.Since its hardwork keeping up with a garden in the middle of this heated country 
of 40 degrees(dubai),ive lost about enough to make me a size 8)