People I love

Written by: shirin neshat

All alone sitting here feeling lost,
I hate this life,
I don't even know why, 
I meet certain people in my life,
I feel frustrated inside,
I hate the people I love,
So much that I don't know how to explain,
People I love hurt me the most,
I hate to love someone the most,
Willing to do anything for these who I love,
But when I ask them for a simple favore,
They walk away from it,
And say my way or the high way!
Is that fair? What they do?
All they care about is themselves,
How there life is complicated,
Its all about them,
They don't know what is love,
Or where it comes from,
They might say it,
But their actions says otherwise,
Love, love, love is all in the air,
Falling all over like rain.