Ramadan:Second Verse

Written by: sajdah al-riyami

May he bless with his love
May humanity pass it forward
May we feed the poor in fasting
May we hug our brothers and sisters
May we let them know that we may not know them
May we know them by our islamic heart,a tradition unbroken
When the call of god 
Awakes us from our slumber
Do we get up and cover ourselves
And leave to pray with our fellow siblings
Sure,I have noticed the moon symbol above the dome

I have Sajad inbehalf of my mom and dad
Of my brother , relatives and my friends
Of the wounded and the poor
And without a doubt God

I like to think that im not fasting but getting closer to him
That I can not see him but still have faith
Its a gift,no scientist or doctor can explain
Forthermore, if you have a religion
Its the ascpect of living

Let them know that the big bang can be there faith
While ours is the peace