the elderly man and the raven

Written by: tifarrah miller

the elderly man and the raven where not the best of friends. the raven teased the old man
about his upcoming death. You will die soon the raven would say. And for a life in which
you did nothing at all.
  the old man did not reply instead he would simply sigh and carry on with the mocking
raven at his side 
   but  this was not enough for the raven for in return for all his cruelty the old man
was very kind. And the raven simply could not understand.
     then one night the old man woke with a fright. he thought of the raven and went
outside. And there all battered and bruised was the raven with little life left for it to
choose . then he passed. And when the old man passed. the raven and the man would sit up
in heaven together. And the raven would ask one last question why? And the old man would
reply because in all of us there is good inside