the not so pretty girl

Written by: tifarrah miller

here's what we know about the not so pretty girl. she has a great personality. she loves
to draw a lot. she wants to be like the pretty girls more than she wants to be herself.
    She tries to look pretty girls she tries to act like they do and she tries so hard the
girls notice and they decided to do a little test.
    they take her to the store where she steals a few things thinking to please her new
found friends. She gets caught and her friends are not there she's been betrayed but now
someone must pay
  she comes to school the next day. she's going to do a little test of her own since they
like to play games. the girls all meet in there usual place  during lunch she meets them
to and acts like everything is okay then she takes out the gun and pretends to scare them
with it. but one of the girls is a lot braver than she. And before she knows it her friend
is dead.
    now here's what we don't know about the not so pretty. we don't know her fate from
there. but we know now she'll definitely never be a pretty girl.