Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter

(Acrostic poem)

D evoted family man 
Admirable best friend than any one could ever meet
N icest human-being you would be happy to have around 
N eat, friendly and kind
Young at heart,yes, that for sure my Danny is!

Lending a hand when something is wrong to anyone
O ff to work there he goes
Verbalizing every need he fixes all their problems
Emergency received and there he takes off again
Satisfation he doesn't get til' he completes every job!

C ars and more cars he wishes that he could own
Armed with the best that he has he gets ready to work
Rises with the dawn to meet each given challenge he gets
Sunny or rainy Danny is always there to save your day!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

August 22,2009

Author's note: 
I am dedicating this acrostic-poem
to my wonderful hubby, Danny 
(I love you, sweety,lol :)