Writer's Block

Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter


Writers’ block  stay away from me!
Run away from me because I can’t stand your kind
In fact I don’t want you anywhere close to me, you
Take away all my creativity, that's all do as you swoop on me and
Every time you descend on me I just want to get
Rid of you ASAP… so you better
Stay away from me before all my screws come loose…

Be good and just go away and leave me alone!
Let me write what I want and just let me be
Okay I’m warning you one more time if you 
Come any closer to me I’ll just get rid of you so fast and then I’ll
Kick you so hard to the curb yes I will!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

August 23, 2009