the peasent boy

Written by: tifarrah miller

a peasant boy and a princess taught eachother about the world but what they learned that
was most important was that they could be anything she wanted to be.
but her mother told her a princess and a peasant boy was something that the kingdom could
not see. still the princess loved the peasant boy.
  so by moonlight they would meet in the sometimes whispering meadow. And there they
thought they'd always be together.
    then the peasant boy became ill one day the witch doctors could not stop his pain. he
passed away the very next day.
  the princess was taken over by grief. though life would go on she would always look like
she was stuck in the past. then at last moonlight came. she came to the whispering meadow
for one last time. And there she heard the peasant boy whispering to her kind words. then
he said at last in the meadow I will be. so don't you worry about me. And since then the
peasant boy and the princess have always been