Not Easily Broken

Written by: John Streeter

People's, people-of a *modest degree*.  Forgive me if something about this poem
is offensive to anyone, my apology to the psyche of your mind that's trying to hide old
wounds, wounds of envy, and transguility. Over and over the year's following the same
old trend of religious prosterity and made up rule's, has gotten us nowhere. Nowhere
but deeper and deeper in a state of implicable confusion that have given us the illusion
of a subject that very rareily is ever spoken.  "Not easily Broken. "Who do they they're
fooling". For the truth of some religious fanantic's is that paying your tithe's and trust-
ing good peoples(?) exspecially if they're white or are above the norm of simplicity, put
ting down the minoritie's is the only way to Heaven.
    Let his word be spoken, "Not Easily Broken", the problem with dealing with the trend
of acceptence, life and everyday occurence's, is that some-not all, folk's have not com-
pletely come to grip that we live in perilous times, times of same-sex marriages, pastors
of large churche's being caught with the infidelity of the prosterity of lust and the immor-
turity of a fallen yoken. Who thus thou think they're fool'nn, who thus think for the achie-   
ver's, the believers that hear the word of God, an aunascity of authencity and natur-
al ability.(Are you following me) Jesus is diplicted as some hippee-looking white dude and 
for  centurie's and long year's gone by, this has been the trend. The truth was and still is 
hardly ever spoken, that he's Emanuel (God of all) so whether you're White, Latino, Indian, 
Afro-American, (LOVE) is the token. "Not Easily Broken".