A Compicated Affair

Written by: norman littleford

I've travelled up this path before
to misery and hate,
is there nothing left of love
to stop us at the gate,
or must we go our seperate ways
and savour what we can,
for this is not where it should end
it's where it all began.

Left in a darkened tunnel
with neither end in sight,
I took the outstretched hand of love
and followed in it's light,
I saw the face of happiness
soon begin to show,
but turmoil deep within the blood
gathered seeds to sow.

A cultivated wilderness
with love on either side,
with no place left to run to
and nowhere we can hide.
It's time to call a halt
forget the rules and change the game,
then if it all goes wrong
there is no-one left to blame.