Every Day Is a Struggle

Written by: Deborah Herber

Every day is a struggle
Not to cry
To fall to our knees
And ask God why.

The economy is a nightmare
Chasing away our dreams
Leaving us hungry
Crying out for a means.

Jobs have been cut
Dwindling money so tight
The war is on 
To keep our hope in sight.

Food to clothes
And simple school supplies
Every where you look
The money cries.

The once simple things
Now have a luxurious price
The list of necessities
Must face a slice.

Staycations are in
Vacations are out
Even retirement 
Travels a different route.

The economy has sunk
Like a wounded ship
As the color of green 
Loses its grip.

Everyday is a struggle
Just to survive
The American dream
We labor to revive.

NOTE:  As a divorced mother of three children, having my hours cut over 3/4 has taken its
toll on me.  Looking for employment has been not only depressing but frustrating as well.
 I wrote this poem to try and "heal" my pain and struggles.  I know that I am not the only
one that lays awake at night wondering how to pay the bills or feed my children; but still
the pain eats away at me, the frustrations build like a volcano, and the humiliation
strips me of my pride.  I find myself questioning my dreams and goals; my skills as a
parent; my faith in the American Dream!  Some of you will say that I have become
depressed--and my guess is you would be right.  I hate myself for lying in bed feeling
sorry for myself and crying all the time--that is why I wrote this poem...it is my
cure..my medication...my doctor.  Through this poem I hope to pull myself up and out of
this hole of sadness I have climbed into and hold my head high as I wait for things to get
better...as I wait for that one miracle to light my way.  Hey...that gives me an idea for
another poem..gotta go write...I love you all.  Thank you for reading my poetry, for your
kind and compassionate comments and may God Bless each and every one of you and keep you
safe and happy during these difficult times!   All My Love, Deborah