Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter


Fear can be a very scary feeling. 
Fear can paralize our hearts at times. 
Fear is not a positive emotion at all. 
Fear won't let us think straight sometimes. 
Fear can dampen our plans in life. 
Fear can be very contagious. 
Fear can damage our relationship with other folks. 
Fear can steal all our dreams, happiness and joy. 
Fear can stops from growing up in many areas of our life. 
Fear can turn our pleasures into a nightmare if we let it in. 
Fear can be a very traumatic experience for some people. 
Fear can be harmful to our general health and human conditions. 
Fear won't let us progress the way that we should everyday. 
Fear can stop us from making necessary changes. 
Fear is never an emotion that we should welcome or embraced. 
Fear is not something that we should nurture or live with. 
Fear is a very human emotion that all we should conquer! 
Fear can make our hearts stop or race out of control sometimes. 
Fear can be one of the most destructive emotions that all we face indeed. 
Fear is an emotion that never really comes from our Creator God. 
Fear in the name of sweet Jesus, can always be defeated! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

August 19,2009