"my brother"

Written by: Renu lama

He is sweet, he is cute
Though he sometimes looks like rude.
He is my little bro(brother), a reason to smile
Inspires me always to go thousand miles.

He calls me always and makes fool of me
Then I get mad and scold him with the reason I see
I sometimes wish, he wouldn't have called
Then I realize-without him I'm nothing, not at all

He is my little kid and my best pal
He is the brother which I could never had.
He always makes us happy, makes us proud
I feel free being with him, also in crowd.
He has lots of girlfriends with hit lists
Annu and Pragya – also in list.
For him BINA is the best of all
Hey!!!!!!!!!! don't get confuse he has more.

Yesterday, I asked about poem to write
He then laughed and suddenly became quite.
He would solve equation rather, he said
If he writes one, he'll mess-that I can bet.

He is tall and is black
When I reach home, he hides behind rack
Making me search him everywhere
See, can you find such an stupid anywhere??????????

 Throwing pranks and jokes on me
Always makes him excitedly happy.
No matter how much he teases me
He has always been very special to me.

Operating computer makes him dumb
Gets stick with it all the time, like the gum.
Neither he listens me nor of mom
To make him wake up, I know-always need a nuclear bomb.

Go on my brother, you go on………
Life is waiting-saying come on
Still a long way waiting for you
But, remember always,
There's a sister praying for you.

-I have written and dedicated  this poem for my sweet little brother, NITESH. He is my best 
friend too and this donkey(my brother) means everything to me. he always makes me cry 
coz of his love and care. No one can ever be like him. Thanks for being my sweet little 
brother,dear. Your sister loves you so much………….

Love Renu....