How Do I Love You

Written by: Karla Null

How do I love you? In so many ways
From the darkest of nights, to the brightest of days

In my loneliness hour, when no one is there
I fee the embrace that you so freely share

I feel so full, that often I weep
You are with me, even when I sleep

You give me a conscious, so I can be straight
because of you, I don't focus on hate

I believe that people are basically good
They have reason to be misunderstood

Life is not easy, but now I see
each day you become closer to me

People may doubt my devotion to you
I've even been laughed at, it's true

I really don't care how other people feel
My love for you is constant and very real

How do I love you? With every breath
In this life and surely after death