For Joshua Overton

Written by: Ashley Beaudre

The days are passing slowly.
It feels like you've been gone a while.
But its only been a couple weeks
since I last saw you smile.

Please don't get me wrong,
I understand you're in a better place.
You're watching over me with Jesus,
but I long for your embrace.

As we're left here on Earth
with just pictures and memories,
and could have beens, and should have beens
if you were here to live your dreams...

You could have changed the world,
one broken heart at a time.
But the lord called you home,
he had something greater in mind.

There are grown men out there
searching for who they want to be.
But you're the inspiration
for the broken souls like me.

A real man will comfort his loved ones.
He will stand up for his beliefs.
He's not afraid to kneel and pray,
you weren't yet "grown" but we all can see,

You're a man who has touched our lives,
and showed the light on many things.
We'll pray for you in heaven
because another angel has earned his wings.

Joshua John Overton 
11/16/1990 - 04/14/2006
At a young age, he was pursuing his dreams to become a church minister, when he 
mysteriously collpsed and passed away at his highschool. A friend of my family, and a 
church brother for years, he will be greatly missed!