Dear God

Written by: Ashley Beaudre

Dear God, 
do you hear my cries?
Protect my heart
from Satan's lies. 
I have a passion, 
for you, to serve.
To dedicate my time on earth.
So once my final breath
is through, 
I'll spend eternity with you.

Dear God, 
I know you've seen me sin.
I'm sorry father,
forgive me, again.
I'll try once more
with a mended heart.
Another chance
for a fresh start.
In know you love me all the same, 
you hear me as I call your name. 
And as I get down on my knees, 
you see your child, 
the same old me.

Dear God,
My life is nearing end.
I'll pray this prayer
to you again.
Keep my safe in your loving arms,
keep my away from Satin's harm.
When my judgment day does come, 
I'll please you Lord, 
you're the only one.
I'll enter the beautiful gates of pearl, 
into a rewarding love - filled world.