Written by: Steve Malebranche

What must I do, what must I say
To somehow make you my baby
I’ve done all that I can do
But yet it doesn’t seem enough for you
There are some questions I do want to ask
Please don’t take this as a retarded task
You don’t want to see it and admit the truth
So I’m going to take you to the confession booth
Who’s the one that would stand
Though he wasn’t your man
Did all that he could do
Because he truly loved you
Stood firmly by your side
When everyone ducked and hide
You can’t deny the powerful truth within
Because denying such a fact would be a sin
Everything is before you and plain to see
No one will treat you better than me
But you have made your choice to be with him
Though many have predicted your future to be dim
Enjoy what you have, enjoy while you can
Because I’m going to be someone else’s perfect man